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Anonymous Casino, a Bitcoin-based online casino, provides new members with a whopping 150% welcome bonus for newly registered members of the site. New members can receive this extraordinary promo by initiating their first deposit. Once the deposit is done, Anonymous Casino rewards them with more than a whole of their initial deposit.


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- June 4, 2020
If you want to make profit from Forex without getting scammed I'll like to refer all of you to the person that made my financial status change for the better, I've been a victim several times to fraudsters, and the experience is not nice to be scammed so if you want to avoid being scammed I'll advice you to contact Mrs Van Yoelle here, her WhatsApp +1 518 622 1571

- June 1, 2020
I'm a hard working south African with great potentials but my hard work haven't paid me half of what I have been paid in binary trading investment just for one month. I invested $500 worth of bitcoin which profited me $7500 in 5days official trading interval and now I have made 4times withdrawal with no stress. I now travel round the world with my family, thanks to my account manager Mrs Van Yoelle for making me successful. Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- May 29, 2020
My trading experience has been so wonderful. Having a reliable and trustworthy account manager is the secret to every successful trade investment. My investment with Mrs Van Yoelle has been so profitable and i would love to recommend her to everyone who is interested in boosting up their financial situation. Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- May 25, 2020
Get yourself enlightened under the latest and upgraded platform of Mrs Van Yoelle. She's highly recommended to everyone out there in search of a good and legit Account Manager. She has improved my financial status with her tremendous strategies of trade with a minimum capital of $500. Thank you ma'am. Reach her via Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571 Instagram: Van Der Laan Yoelle

- May 22, 2020
Wow!! This is amazing I just got paid again. I'm so happy that I met a reliable manager Mrs Van Yoelle who always stood by her words when it comes to trade. I highly recommend her to all investors to join now and start earning with me, I just confirmed it, no scam,100% legit, Automatic withdrawal, no withdrawal charges, join now and invest for you to achieve all your dreams desire. Here is her link below Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571 Instagram: Van Der Laan Yoelle

- May 19, 2020
As confident as i am about his trades and returns , i will also reassure any one that she will definitely make you rich within months. Mrs Van Yoelle trades and profits are great and satisfying. I will assure anyone here that is willing to trade and make profit should contact her via her whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571 Instagram: Van Der Laan Yoelle

- May 14, 2020
I never knew investing in binary/bitcoin/forex option is this profitable, it wasn't long ago when I saw a post online of people giving testimonies about Mrs Van Yoelle, how she helped boost their financial status. I decided to give her a try and I can proudly tell you today that it all went well . I decided to share the good news with you also , if you are having problem with investment or having difficulty finding a good manager. I urge you to give Mrs Van Yoelle a try out today and testify like me in a short time . Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- May 9, 2020
Trade with Mrs Van Yoelle and earn profitably, with her updated software she has successfully made a profit of $7,500 in just 5 days with an initial investment of $500, Am so happy as she's trustworthy and reliable. If you want to earn in binary/bitcoin/forex platform contact her now on. WhatsApp : +1 518 622 1571

- April 28, 2020
Stop wasting your time on fake websites Stay at home and start making money online working from your home you can start making 1000$ worth bitcoin in every 48 hours interested members should contact Mrs Van Yoelle for assistant: Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- April 25, 2020
Whatever is worrying you right now, forget about it. Take a deep breath, stay positive and know that things will get better someday, Success is what happens after you have survived all of your disappointments. Life was never too easy for me when i started investing with binary option trade, I always fall victim in the hand of scammer until I read a post of Mrs Van Yoelle saying she as help a lots of people in this binary/forex/bitcoin option trade, I have to give a try with $500 and she promised to help me trade and now I am enjoying my profit today Contact her on whatsapp for help and you will be glad that you contact: +1 518 622 1571

- April 22, 2020
I’ve been trading my bitcoins and making steady withdrawals from Mrs Van Yoelle platform with no extra fees, send her a PM on how to begin (investment required) or message her directly on Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- October 10, 2019
Reviewing anonymous casino Rating- 10/10 Things I like: 1. support always online and responds timely to emails. 2. First deposit promotion is best I have see as 100 percent bonus is offered and best part about this promo is casino allows multiple accounts. 3. Instant payouts 4. Support manager Victoria (always goes extra mile to ensure clients are given the best support. 5. Game selection is diverse and truly enjoy playing all the games from all the great software providers. 6. Monthly cash back leaderboard (the more you play the more you earn) My personal experience: I have been a loyal player here for the last 2 years. Casino is reputable and is by far the best when in comes to payouts. They are truly instant and does not matter the size as YOU WILL BE PAID INSTANTLY. Stressing this point as I have had delays at several bitcoin casinos and I am glad I have found anonymous casino as this casino is the best in the business. Yours Truly, Jordan Samm - [ ]

- June 24, 2019
I have had a couple of very bad experiences with Anonymous Casino. The biggest fault is mine because I continues to gamble on this site because of their 150% bonus. One involved my account being deleted before cashing out and the other was because of the new wager requirements when accepting their bonus. Recently they when I was about to cash out, They closed my account because I exceeded the bet limits. I still do not know why they deleted that account which had over $20,000.00. The second time happened recently when they changed their wager limits if you accept their sign up bonus. I Honestly I had no idea that I was exceeding my wager limits since its a bit confusing when playing slots - Noosing the coin Value and Bet Limit. They called me a liar, and would not even give me my initial deposit back. They knew I was about to Cashout soon for about $12000.00. I have been gambling with Anonymous Casino for over 5 Years, giving them over 500K probably more. I cannot believe how they have treated me and accusing me of being a liar. Below is an email from today about trying to receive my deposit back. . ANONYMOUSE CASINO: You broke the rules. This question is closed and we discussed it. You can continue to play in our casino observing our rules or play in any other casino. пн, 24 июн. 2019 г., 21:22 dr Yes, I was winning a lot but when I tried cashing out my account was closed because you said my bets were too high. I asked for my deposit back but you refused On Jun 24, 2019, at 4:17 PM, Victoria Mahe wrote: I am not hiding. Just do not understand what you are not happy. You yourself have refused bonuses. Maybe they played poorly, I don't know. Why do you think I owe you money? Or when you win, do you return part of the winnings to the casino?) пн, 24 июн. 2019 г., 21:10 dr Why haven’t you gotten back to me? Why do you hate me? I ask because you will always find an excuse not to pay ME! On May 24, 2019, at 6:26 PM, Victoria Mah> wrote: You can play in our casino. The main thing that you follow the rules. пт, 24 мая 2019 г., 23:23 dr wrote: Will I be able to play here still even though I called you names? I am not sorry. But I need to know that you won’t steel my money again. Happened two times Sent from my iPhone On May 17, 2019, at 11:25 AM, dr wrote: Why is anyone responding ? This has happened to me before. On May 17, 2019, at 11:07 AM, dr wrote: Why has my account been deactivated?? I Have a balance in this account. I made a large deposit and I have almost completed my wager requirements.

- December 29, 2018
Scam site, try cash out money, account are disabled

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- April 25, 2018
I have played several games at online casinos but Anonymous Casino is the best online bitcoin casino. The variety of games here and the ease of playing them is so exhilarating. I almost felt like I was in Vegas.

- April 14, 2018
scam 14/04/2018

- April 6, 2018
The best website to play casino games with bitcoin? That’s simple - Anonymous Casino. If you areally want to double or triple your hard earned bitcoins, play at this website. I trust it and recommend it to others.

- April 3, 2018
I and my friends are addicted to sports betting and we do all our betting at Anonymous Casino. We have placed bets on so many tournaments and mostly won. A fair and honest team! I love the website.

- March 29, 2018
I visit Anonymous casino frequently to play slot games. It’s something I like spending bitcoin at. The website is also lucky for me as I have won more than I have lost here.

- March 15, 2018
I got 1.5 BTC welcome bonuses. It's a great platform having all the latest games like, roulette, Black Jack, poker and other table games.

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