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Wirex is a physical or virtual card that looks and works like a bank card. You can use it to load, spend, save, and receive bitcoin or fiat currencies, internationally.


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- January 26, 2021
Hi I am not the sort of person to resort to online bad reviewing. However on this occasion I really must! I have had a wirex account for over 2 years, I have passed KYC and never had a problem. However since last Thursday the 14th January 2021. I have been requested further documentation understanding KYC money laundering rules I have happily provided this. To date I have had zero response and I have chased up wirex 4 times. You may be asking yourselves why is this a big deal? And I will explain now. In my wirex account I hold the following 5600 NANO 13 ETH and 0.3 BTC now understanding the market well as I have been in crypto many years I understand the volatility of these coins!, 4 days ago my balance was sitting at 60,000 usd today it’s 48,000 usd. So wirex by being so poor at reviewing my account documentation and updating me or asking for further documentation/ information on paper have cost me 12,000 usd. I would be very careful as a consumer holding any large funds in coins with WIREX as it could cost you fortunes UPDATE!!?! Since the 14th I have sent them further documentation and they simply ignore or respond saying I have not sent or answered there questions.

- January 21, 2021
I have a physical wired card activated, and it seem to be working for a while, I once tried to send out my remaining money to my PayPal account in HKD, but the "send" bottom cannot be selected, I also tried withdrawing from my local ATM, it declined my withdrawal. So I did some research and realized they are robbing people. Now my 160 ish in HKD is stuck in my Wirex account. Money is still money and every hard earn dollar counts.

- January 14, 2021
I’m trying to send money from my euro account to my my card and the transaction is pending for more than a week they are very unreliable I think it’s a fraud

- January 8, 2021
I have my wirex account blocked for four months. I provided all the documents and information they required, but they did not unlock no matter what. I have also kindly requested the refund while keeping investing my account, but they always answered me that their relevant department would have checked thoughoutly and never mentioned about the refund argument. I assess this shameful situation unjustly and unduly.

- January 6, 2021
Scam Avoid like the plague......they have conned hundreds of individual investors and raised money through Crowdcube who must be complicit or devoid of due diligence

- December 10, 2020
Customers money disappear from their accounts. I'm alerting Wirex customers to monitor their accounts closely. I have had my money disappear from account and their support team in the chat were trying to brush me off when I kept pressing for answers, sometimes I would be cut off during the chat pretending as if its network problem until I realized something fishy going on here its not just a genuine error. I tried to transfer my money from my GBP account to GBP card and it was pending for 9days. That means the money had already been taken that's why the transaction wouldn't complete the transfer. It was when I tried to use my card in the shop and declined twice. Checked on the cash machine and insufficient funds. This is when I had to ask support chat team to help. My balance from the card and the amount requested to be transferred straightaway disappeared in front of the screen when this guy tried to help. I was told to wait for email response which took 3hrs to be sent and was told the money had been transferred and to a unknown fiat account. In my response I asked who requested that transfer and who's account was it? Its now 3 weeks nothing done since they me told their bank was investigating. Surely if the money was transferred into that fiat account it could be reversed and it would not take 2 weeks. No response up to now from Wirex and they don't care after explaining to them I have now missed paying my bills. This is a game they have been playing on their customers without noticing. I alerted our team members in trading and surely some of them have experienced it. I am taking the matter to FCA.

- August 8, 2020
Wirex has none of the security features they claim to have and my money got taken because of their bad security features. To withdraw or transfer money or coins from your account, you need to approve the transaction through your email which is a security feature they claim to have. But this was not there and because of this my money was taken from my account. I had over 2k pounds stolen from me because of the poor security features that wirex has. I told them about this and they keep saying the will investigate and it has been more than 9 months now. They don't reply to emails at all and when they do they keep saying the same thing that they will solve my case soon when they are clearly not. I didn't want to believe the bad reviews about Wirex that other people had been saying but now I have seen it for myself. Be careful of Wirex, their security features are terrible and will lead to your account being hacked and all your money gone. I am using other platforms for coins also and have never had a problem. Only use Wirex if you want to lose all your money. They are a huge scam and lie about their security features which they don't have. They have taken my money just like they have taken many peoples.

- August 5, 2020
Hello people I want to tell you about this wirex wallet they are not trustworthy,they are scammers, Infact I don't know which word to describe this company.I bought Bitcoin with them since 2016 they blocked my account.Please can this company be blacklisted it is not worthit.It is just there to stil people's hard earned cash period please.Be worned don't engage or join this company please.I hate them

- June 19, 2020
Wirex are thieves, do not use this company This company is a plain and simple robbery operation. You signup and things will work for a short period of time, as soon as you place any significant amount of money - as little as £100 - they will simply take it. And then ignore you. The only way to get a response is to go online and leave reviews or use their online forum that is full of people in exactly the same situation. Each one is told 'We are looking into this and have escalated your issue to the highest level' - over and over until you give up. They will then disable your access to the account and the forum. When you do get back into the forum by using a new ID you realise they deleted everyone else yet there are another new 20 people with new 'money lost' issues being told to wait and their issue has been elevated to highest priority. How can the FCA do nothing about this abomination is a real puzzle.

- April 17, 2020
Absolutely scandalous Absolutely scandalous what they have done to me and by the look of it a lot more people, had hardly any trouble since i opened my account around 2 years ago but since Monday the have blocked my account with no explanation whatsoever. I rely on the money i have in my account which is bad enough in normal circumstances but literally putting me in a critical situation now with the covid19 pandemic being lockeddown and with absolutely no money. This is totally unacceptable and i have notified the FCA and financial ombudsman about this. Wirex you need to resolve these problems asap because you are putting peoples lives at risk. I advise everyone to start a case with the ombudsman and notify the FCA. Shameful company. I also don't know how a financial organisation even on their FCA profile do not have a telephone number, I'm pretty sure this is a mandatory requirement for any company especially a financial institution. Manipulating review sites is also Mal practice definitely. Shameful Wirex. Ticket number 1347448

- February 23, 2020
They just stole 100 euros from my account with crap like the following: "Please be informed that I have checked the bank statement (it is sent to you in attachment) and I see the difference in balance. In some cases, an extra, additional amount is added to the amount of the transactions with pre-authorization. These transactions are called ‘estimated transactions’ and they are used to cover any potential further costs user may incur. This is also a temporary hold on a specified amount on the card. It is not an actual charged amount and no funds are taken." The thing is that I do not have my 100 euros anymore and nobody has helped me with it. Be careful with this company

- February 18, 2020

- February 18, 2020
Retarded peace of shits fucking scammers one day u have money the other they just say mistake hapened and u are done no money no matter the support cases its totaly busted

- January 9, 2020
Scammers don’t go near ! My account got blocked for no good reason and without any explanation ,and that’s after I sent 3000 eur to a company I tired to buy a product from. They never got the funds , my account is locked and support don’t answer my emails except saying they will check. Looks like my money is lost . Thanks for stealing my fund wirex

- November 9, 2019
At first I thought Wirex was great. Oh how wrong can you be.... currently they have 'stolen' nearly £2000 of my money. I have been trying to get access to my account for more than a week. Customer Service is atrocious, you can only contact therm by email, they only reply when it suits them and only answer the questions they want to i.e. I have asked to be in contact with Management multiple times and not even been giving a name, I have asked what their complaints procedure is multiple times and just been ignored! No response on How can I get my money back? I can only hope that eventually I will get a resolution, in the meanwhile I can only advise people NOT TO USE WIREX! they have no integrity and you will probably loose money.

- August 14, 2019
I send 50$ in my wallet in btc .... i see the money added but it is not on my balance. They are scammer. No answer by email... an i saw many bad reviews . SO I UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE CHEATER

- August 8, 2019
The visa does not work in some places, is not possible to make bank transfers is not possible to change the pin for the visa and finally today the debit card was blocked is blocked....

- August 5, 2019
The block our money several times. Today at 5th August they stole also my money. I had 9.35 Euro on my card and on the Euro Account i had 9.05 Euro. So i booked the 9.05 Euro also on top on that card value. It must be 18.40 Euro then. But the Card value shows me 13.39 Euro. So this company stole me 5.01 Euro and it does not show up in the list!

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- July 31, 2019
My frustation tks to the poor service of wirex. It is unfortunate that you have to write this review about a crypto exchange-bank, regulated in the UK by the FCA. Since last week 11 days ago a friend sent me money in the 'Fast transfer' service, 3 days passed and nothing until I sent an email and they answered me after 24 hours, and they told me they would come back with more questions, the day following case 48 hours my friend's bank had to cancel the transaction since the bank that receives the funds (wirex) had not accepted or even seen in sending and they returned it.My friend sent it again and now send the info that they have order, I hope that after 11 days it can be completed. But that does not end there, last Thursday, July 25, I sent from my Wallet wirex app to my Barclays account that I have in London and usually arrives in minutes or hours, but nothing, in the app said, sent! But I never arrive. Then try to withdraw money and the card does not work, then try to pay and it does not work, try to be able to buy btc to be able to send it to my exchange and try to be able to get MY money but nothing, it does not work, then my app is blocked. I did not know how many emails and they replied that sorry, thank you for your patience, we are doing our best, blah blah blah. This happened between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and today is Monday 29 july 2019 and I still haven't received an explanation or a solution. I have no money in my barclays account and I have seen that it could be negative, and that will affect my credit record thanks to wirex. I have consulted the facebook channel, email, but nothing, I can enter my account but I cannot withdraw, buy, send, anything with my money, I do not know how I am going to pay for my things. Legally this is a very serious offense, and the truth is that I do not like to write these reviews but with what is happening to me it is better to share it, just imagine that it happens to someone who is in a super emergency or must buy the food for your children, or I have to pay a bill and get into trouble, and wirex still doesn't solve my problem. We are in 2019 and these types of technical problems of an app must be resolved in hours, is it a shame that this company takes days and still nothing, will they have enough qualified personnel to operate? The truth is the losses that I have had because I have not been able to do my trading, the lost hours trying to send email so that my problem is solved, the frustration that this has caused me and the pain that will happen when having to ask a friend for money when I have money is very frustrating. This will be pass to the authorities since I work as a broker and these types of situations are not normal. So if you want to open an account is wirex, think about it 100 times. Vladimir P. Thew email above was sent on Monday 29th. Today we are at Wednesday and i have no replay, no explanation, I did cc compliance and no answer. I used to work as a Broker and i know that when you send an email to compliance they have to answer you and let you know that they are aware of the situation, but no answer. it's true that they have 8 week to replay once you do a formal complaint and you are not happy with the answer you can now send the complaint to ombudsman services you can contact FCA as well and make then aware of the situation, or a private lawyer. Its so frustrated it that an FCA regulated company as wirex act like this, but the authorithies will acknowledge all this irregularrities.

- July 5, 2019

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