Upload your files up to 150MB and receive Bitcoin payments directly on your Wallet, on every Download; private remote host, files stats, no expiration, no registration or personal informations required. 1 payment,1 download; fee 5% of the item total price.


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- December 5, 2017
Hello, I was looking for investment bitcoin websites that were paying and found this one: The min investment is 0.02BTC , i gave it a try and got in few min! :) I'm very happy, i'm going to do it again soon when the transaction confirms. Just sharing this site while its still paying, they have alot of users so it will be working for some time i think.

- November 1, 2017
good one but given a small coins

- October 23, 2017
I don’t bother myself anymore,i buy and sell at I watch my bitcoin grow and have control over it anytime,i can withdraw or buy via ATM CARD. Do not miss out everyone is making profits as Bitcoin raise to 1 BTC = 6000 USD on 21st October 2017 INVEST IN BITCOIN NOW and GET DOUBLE WITHIN FEW WEEKS. Few weeks ago 1 BTC was 3200 USD. But Current rate is 1 BTC= 6000 USD GET Bitcoin ATM Debit Card from us and also get 35% rates if you load your ATM Buying Bitcoin From BITCOINREALCASH.COM : You can buy Bitcoin from them and get 35% discount of the current rate, For example if NOW 1 BTC = 6000 USD. they will sell to you at 3900 USD For 1 BTC but on the Blockchain market rates or ATM machine your balance will be 6000 USD or the exact current rates Email them place order they deliver worldwide. Bitcoin Real Cash Email:

- September 4, 2017
Pls I wanna ask if the payment will be per the number of the people that watch the file or a one time payment?

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- May 27, 2017
Another Exchanger Monitor, and also Have a faucet bitcoin per Hours Forum Stellar Get Paid to Post, Also who want to support Stellar lumens Please Visit This Forum (New) ------------------------------------ (Unofficial Stellar Forum) -----------------------------------------------------------------

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- March 12, 2017
Buy some bitcoins INSTANTLY and transfer them to your wallet as you please! You can buy BTC with credit card or use a different payment option. NO ID and NO VERIFICATION needed! Special discount with my LIMITED TIME referral link:

- May 10, 2016
Very good,transactions ok.

- March 9, 2016
I tried pay-bit, just for curiosity and now, after 2 months, became part of my job. I sell my ebooks online on traditional platforms like amazon and ebay, but they all have the problem that you have to wait days, if not months, before seeing payments. With pay-bit in a few minutes I have my bitcoin, and not miss a beat. The new navigation graphics is nice,different and the website is very fast; I can only recommend it to all

- February 23, 2016
Get 5 bitcoin in 24 hours ! Star with 0.05 Btc to get 5 BTC in 24 hours . Star with 0.1 BTC to get 10 BTC in 17 hours .Start mining now

- January 3, 2016
I like a lot, very easy to use; May be a little bit slow to upload files.

- November 13, 2015
Not only pay per download, but also a search of the files that users upload with descriptions and prices in bitcoin. I found notes of medicine, which I needed for my university thesis.. My rating: Excellent.

Tip: 1G7RpDUK7B9FSstT11QMqvjHypBkADq1jW

- September 24, 2015
Quite easy to use, payments after 1 confirmation. Finally one PPD that works. @Admin Please ban this guy @ALI and all his fake reviews all over the places,one time is good,another time are not...with url spam...

- September 21, 2015
big scam

- September 17, 2015
This website is good but i prefer using better earnings and trusted:)

- August 12, 2015
I feel very comfortable with Pay-B.It. We use it in the office, to sell our software products and I must admit that sales have increased. We use different types of payment buttons, because we have several sites with different graphics; on a product that costs $100 in bitcoin, we pay a commission of $5. So, very cheap, fast and secure payments. All this only with a bitcoin address. Try it


- August 9, 2015
Uso PAY-B.IT da alcuni mesi per vendere online i miei ebook; ho anche aquistato altri files, perche; mi sono iscritto la loro rss; sono aggiornato su tutti i nuovi uploads.Ne ho apprezzato la semplicita' di utilizzo e serieta'.Pagamenti regolari e veloci,belli i bottoni di pagamento da utilizzare nel proprio sito. 2 versioni in italiano (finalmente) e inglese; discreto e funzionale, consigliato a tutti.

Tip: 14uAaNoQMoH3eo4ZEANtJbXY65YJmsxVCH

- July 28, 2015
I cautiously, made several tests: different file formats, different weights, upload from mobile phones (Android and iPhone). All positive. It prompted only a bitcoin address to use this site. The precise share, uses short url, giving space to the text. The buttons for payments generated, are very nice and applicable on any html page. I then decided to test the payments. Very fast, and immediate access to the file. 1 dowload for payment; the fees charged are modest and acceptable, for the security and quality of this service. Truly recommended.

Tip: 1CVKUkdWDHun59crnb2hnFQUCsBMo5bJRq

- June 23, 2015
Initially I was puzzled; simple graphic, the form of submission, no excess. Then I changed my mind. Because all information is accessible immediately, the connection uses ssl and no personal data are requested; only a bitcoin address. Once you upload a file, it displays the share options and the creation of links. The payment made on a test file, be successful. Simple, well-made, safe. One nice way to make bitcoin.

Tip: 12uzATDQUYL6MdQDFko7roysS7uAaMqopW

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