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- October 19, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Field report from the Anthem of the Seas. Product quality AAA. There's no muff too tough!
- October 9, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Good source for generic Soma.
- October 6, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Shipping is super slow. Comms are good. Product is good. Payment methods are limited unless you are one of their 'old' customers. And yeah, to the guy who mentioned it, Gotmilk is the copycat site. In fact you can see from the dates the sites were registered and also from the fact that many Gotmilk images have JCM in the filename. If it were the other way around, then you'd know who copied who.
- October 6, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Just my opinion but it looks like the Gotmilk people just for whatever reason copied the JCM site and changed it to green. They are completely not related. You can tell when you communicate with them.
- October 1, 2016
starstarstarstarstar I was a little leery to order from this site since it looked fairly similar to another (gotmilk) and it was impossible to tell which, if either, was the original. Both of the sites are basically just product lists with a web form that posts to someone who then replies by email -- no shopping carts, accounts, etc.

So I placed small test orders with each.

Of the two, JCM's communications were better (faster replies, provided BTC price for order, and followed up with tracking #).

My orders from both sites shipped on the 19 Sept and I was pleasantly surprised to receive JCM's on 26 Sept -- just 7 days via regular airmail to the US East Coast.

I didn't pay extra for the "EMS" option on either site since I'd read in a couple places that it may actually increase the likelihood of scrutiny by customs.

I received a delivery notice today, 30 Sept, (I wasn't home to sign). I'm hoping that is my order from gotmilk. If so, I'll post a review for them, also.

Hope this helps.

Tip: 1BonqyDgeqoU8Lc1BbHRaE8mRZN5qWgs5W
- September 26, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Weird order process. I might even say baffling. Took another 5 days to get a Circle account set up. More time wasted. Had to wait for my order for 2 weeks to get here from Punjab or wherever. On the plus side, their prices are low and well, my doctor is a tool so I guess I'm with these guys until I can afford better.
- September 15, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Thanks for the help. I'd be at the end of my rope without you guys.
- September 9, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Just in time for my trip. Thanks!
- August 16, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Todo perfecto. Buen precio y envio rápido. recomendable 100%
- August 11, 2016
starstarstarstarstar I've been overseas for awhile, but I'm a certainly a repeat customer. When did you become a Bitcoin only operation? Paypal was so convenient.
- August 7, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Good prices, good products, but should have more variety.
- August 2, 2016
starstarstarstarstar They have quick and excellent email communication. They answered all my questions as I have never paid with bitcoins before and had to download an app. they order took only 7 days to receive ! Not familiar with brand i was sent, I have read a lot about pex-2 and could be fake. Nervous to take an entire pill.
- August 1, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Healthcare system here is in the toilet, thank the Lord for JCMRX.
- July 27, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Good communications and quality goods. Recommend.
- July 22, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Received just in time for my trip to Japan! TYVM.
- July 15, 2016
starstarstarstarstar I'm absolutely delighted. Wish you could deliver a bit faster with DHL but I guess beggar's shouldn't be choosers. Giggity!
- July 9, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Every bit helps. Thank the Lord for JCMRX.
- July 8, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Received in 18 days from order to delivery. Pony express type shipping speed, but professional in every aspect. Recommend.
- July 2, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Gotmilk Pharmacy has Oxycodone, Xanax bars, Modafinil and thousands of other products.

- June 24, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Leave wins, thank Christ. Order received and quite happy, thanks.
- June 19, 2016
starstarstarstarstar The armodafinil you guys ship out it a bit too intense for me, so I'll stick with the Modafinil as before. If possible, can you only ship the Modvigil brand? I find that it keeps me in the ideal study zone.
- June 9, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Wubba lubba dub dub. Really happy with JCM. Wish shipping could be a little faster though.
- June 5, 2016
starstarstarstarstar This site is legitimate. It took 14 days to get my order. I feel it's worth the wait when I know I'm not being scammed. The meds are real and of good quality. I will definitely be a repeat customer! Thank you JCM!!
- May 25, 2016
starstarstarstarstar You should check out, they are better than JCM.


- May 15, 2016
starstarstarstarstar got my order in 11 days. jcmrx, 5 stars. Coinbase, minus 10 stars, closed my account with no chance to appeal after I sent my bitcoin payment to jcm's bitcoin address. They said I was violating the terms of service. Now, I have no idea how they know I'm ordering from a pharmacy, but you should take Becca's advice and send to your own bitcoin wallet first before sending to jcm's bitcoin address. Don't send direct. Now I have one more Bitcoin exchange wallet, which is Circle, and now I am going to be more careful.
- May 8, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Would have preferred the cash payment method but the barcode on the slip you had me print out didn't work at 7-11. Had to change to Dwolla, which worked fine but had to take out the Xanax from the order since you don't accept that method for Xanax. The Ultram you shipped was of good quality so overall I'm happy, it just seems like you have a lot of strange rules. Will look into Bitcoins but that is confusing too.
- May 4, 2016
starstarstarstarstar at Yaya, just rent the smallest box. Myself I prefer using the UPS store so I know there's someone there to sign for it. Do yourself a favor and US EMS shipping because the tracking doesn't work with free shipping..
- March 28, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Does anybody know what dimensions the package comes in for a 200 pil order? Need to know for which PO Box to rent.
- March 28, 2016
starstarstarstarstar ordered on the 12th. USPS tracking shows it cleared customs and is inbound. dont worry if it says retention reason on one of the indian tracking websites, Becca informed me that's nothing and in my case it wasn't either. its been two weeks and two days and Becca told me a few minutes ago it should arrive this week but I'd reccomend to everyone to rent a PO Box at the post office so nothing gets delivered to where you live.
- March 27, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Sweet Jesus, good stuff. But what's with the retro website and no shopping cart? I'm happy, just an odd vintage feel of a transaction.
- March 18, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Decent service. Reliable if slow. Takes them about 2 days to ship and then another 5 days for tracking to work. Product arrives in 2-3 weeks time in bubble mailer type package from India. This review is for the jcmrx dot net site.
- March 15, 2016
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- March 15, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Earn, invest, lend, borrow Bitcoins. 7 ways to get bitcoins worth your effort
- March 13, 2016
starstarstarstarstar How much more do I need to order before jcmrx will let me use Paypal? Anyone? What are the rules? I ordered two thousand worth of stuff last year.
- March 12, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Mailman crammed package through the slot but contents undamaged. Thanks for the Ultram JCM. :-)
- March 4, 2016
starstarstarstarstar The USPS website didn't provide any tracking follow up. Not sure why that is. But the order arrived in 17 days. Kind of nerve racking without tracking but happy ending. That's what she said.
- March 3, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Received order in about 2 weeks, not bad.
- February 24, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Not the prettiest show in town but they deliver. Thanks for helping me make ends meet with these crazy health care costs.
- February 23, 2016
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- February 23, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Reliable as always. Thanks again!
- February 18, 2016
starstarstarstarstar fake meds, fake reviews, beware.

- January 28, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Slower shipping than usual, but I guess that's what a blizzard will do. Still recommend with all my heart.
- January 16, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Good enough.
- December 31, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Reliable. As in: I've been shopping here for 7 years reliable.
- December 18, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Friendly down to earth service. It's easy to forget I'm dealing with a store on the other side of the world. Wholeheartedly recommend for anyone who has never ordered drugs on the internet before. Be warned though, it IS a 2-3 week shipping time to get to most places in the world. Took 17 days from India to Kentucky.
- December 9, 2015
starstarstarstarstar I'm live in the US and I have been ordering from JCM Pharmacy for over a year. Becca always gives amazing customer service and I have never had any issues with my orders.. I recommend them 100% x 10..
- December 9, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Mine just got here and it only took 14 days. You might want to email Becca and see what the tracking on their end says. Live long and prosper!
- December 5, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Still waiting for products to show, will keep fingers crossed been 4 week.
- December 5, 2015
starstarstarstarstar This one took a little longer, but hey good enough, right? TYVM for helping me with my pain.
- December 1, 2015
starstarstarstarstar @094556276 Malaysia doesn't seem to be listed as a country they ship to, I don't think that's a valid complaint. Anyhoo, thank God for JCMRX, saving my @ss from going broke from overpriced drugs here in the 'good ol' US of A.
- November 27, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Wouldn't ship to me in Malaysia even though I've been shopping here for years. Guess I'll have to wait until I get back stateside.
- November 21, 2015
starstarstarstarstar If JCM is rogue, I don't want to be right. Great service and product for years. Had one hiccup where the USPS misdelivered it down the street and JCM didn't reship it for me because it tracked as delivered a year ago ; but that was 1 time vs. more than 120 successful orders so bygones....
- November 11, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Got it, score! Thanks JCM. BTW, did you know the tracking doesn't work? What's up with that?
- November 8, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Not sure if you can help with this but if you don't mind, I prefer the Tadacip brand. The Vidalista brand you sent was okay but I didn't find it as strong as the Tadacip. Thanks a bunch.
- November 5, 2015
starstarstarstarstar I've found it, the golden palace of the Himalayas. Where I simply point and click, make a payment, and my order flies around the world and parks itself in my mailbox. Thank you so much. Seriously.
- November 2, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Been using JCM for almost a year!
Not once did I have a problem!
They are there to talk.... Email.
Becca is GREAT!!!

- October 30, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Couldn't figure out the Bitcoin download, but they took time to explain Circle to me, so the btc payment wasn't so difficult. The shipment was a little slow, but arrived on 10/26. Would recommend but be ready for a 2 week shipment time by air mail from India.
- October 27, 2015
starstarstarstarstar You've been out of stock of Zolpidem for a month now. Help. Can't sleep. Hoping that the Soma I just ordered does it for me.
- October 26, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Hello, the tracking number didn't work? Got the order, but it would have been nice if the tracking number worked. Good price and quality meds though, I guess that's what's important.
- October 24, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Pony express speed shipping, but it got here. Only buy here if you can wait the 2-3 weeks until delivery.
- October 23, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Calm down kiddies. Yes, the tracking has gone balls up. Just select the EMS option next time around. It costs more but it at least still tracks.
- October 21, 2015
starstarstarstarstar When the USPS decided to stop the tracking on my order. Turns out it's for ALL air mail packages from India except for EMS. Becca was quick to inform me of all this. Also, if you get EMS shipping, then it's trackable. Adds to the cost, but at least there is peace of mind.
- October 19, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Seriously a better way to get my meds. JCM rules.
- October 18, 2015
starstarstarstarstar @CookieMonster, do they send you capsules or pills for tram? I've had two orders and the first time it was white tablets and the 2nd time was green capsules. Both seem effective, just curious why they look different???
- October 17, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Thanks USPS. Whatever you did to your website, international tracking no longer works. Received my order today, but it's been tracking as not found on the website for the past week. Kudos to Becca for keeping me calm with level headed emails.
- October 17, 2015
starstarstarstarstar All good. Has anyone else found Coinbase to be a bit glitchy? I think Circle has allowed for smoother bitcoin transactions.
- October 16, 2015
starstarstarstarstar This latest order got in in 14 days, so not too shabby. JCM is probably one of the more reliable shops on there at the moment. If I had one complaint, and I'm sure you have heard it before, please stop using blue carbon paper as packing. It's messy.
- October 15, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Took some time to get the order form to work. Otherwise smooth sailing for my Xanax order. They don't have the 2 mg tablets so I got the 1 mg.
- October 14, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Website looks like it was made by a high school kid 20 years ago. But the service is good and the meds are quality. Prepaid USA only cards work. Recommend using those and it's probably not a good idea to use a standard credit card for this kind of international purchase.
- October 14, 2015
starstarstarstarstar They were out of stock of Kamagra but Becca recommended Suhagra.... just as good and saved me $20 as well. Even sent me ten tablets of Tadalafil on the house.
- October 14, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Slow shipping but kept me in the loop. Took almost 3 weeks from Mumbai to San Jose. Recommended.
- October 12, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Products never arrived, been waiting for months.

- October 4, 2015
starstarstarstarstar This shop is pure prepper gold. I've been getting my antibiotics and pain meds here for years. Nice folks, American owned and operated (I think, at least from the way they sound/ the way they write). Quality meds.
- October 4, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Not the fastest service around but got my Tramadol order eventually. Took 18 days from order to delivery, tracking kind of worked, but was mostly slow on the US side. Recommend B+.
- October 2, 2015
starstarstarstarstar these guys suck 1962 my ass, wont use them again.

gotmilk pharmacy is much better.

- September 13, 2015
starstarstarstarstar still waiting for meds, very slow.

fingers crossed

- September 12, 2015
starstarstarstarstar its been about six weeks no package, staff ignores us or respond as if we are a burden.

I might shy away from these folks they might be exit scamming.

will keep fingers crossed.

- September 12, 2015
starstarstarstarstar I ordered form them took forever and their customer service was rude, the meds came, but were close to expiration date.

2/5 -

- September 9, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Hey, not the prettiest website, but they get the job done. I get my generic Cialis and Ultram here. Takes about 14 days from order to delivery, arrives in plain brown bubble wrap type packages from India. Shipping is included in all prices so that makes things easier.
- August 17, 2015
starstarstarstarstar JCMRX helps me make ends meet. Have ordered from them since I got divorced and have been living on a tight budget with no insurance.
- July 19, 2015
starstarstarstarstar 7 or so Tramadol and Soma orders without any issues. As for the previous comment, I think that many antivirus software just triggers or alerts when they find some drug or medication related websites. I have never had any issues when shopping their. Another thing, they are an old school HTML website with no java or scripts (as far as I can tell), so it's unlikely that any malware can be even installed there. If you want to be on the safe side, just access them from your iPad or iPhone, no risk of virii there.
- June 30, 2015
starstarstarstarstar I was concerned, after solid successes, when a note was posted that their website had been compromised. I'm trying to figure this out - - - they have been fantastic, highly reliable and very delightful to work with.
I'll post more after I write to them. Again, they have been w o n d e r f u l and are about the best out there. I used them after offshorerx was used - - -their prices are much better and are TO BE TRUSTED. It is a shame that all these hackers do such nasty things to honest people.
I'll keep you posted. Again, they are great.

- June 11, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Solid tramadol connect. 22 days from order to delivery. INDIA to Florida, no customs issues whatsoever.
- May 29, 2015
starstarstarstarstar This is where I order my andriol from. Small world!
- May 21, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Pony Express speed shipping but a reliable source for both clomiphene and ephedrine. Just about impossible to get the latter in America without jumping through hoops nowadays, but you can order that here online and it shows up in your mailbox about 2-3 weeks later.
- May 10, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Great tramadol connect. You can use to order from JCMRX.
- May 5, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Just wanted to share my experience. My tramadol order took 20 days from start to finish (delivery in Kansas). And just an update of the previous review they seem to have fixed their customs issue as they no longer write drug names on the package. Plan ahead for your refills though as they do take a while.
- April 22, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Totally legit and trustworthy. But as of my last 2 orders they are not packaged discreetly anymore and customs has gotten both of them. It now clearly states the medication name and quantity on the outside of the envelope (Which it did not before). It states on their website that this is in order for them to be able to get the package out of Indian customs. They will reship if it is seized by customs which is good. But it is looking like I will have to have my packages reshipped a 3rd time so I will have to find another legit source for ordering. :(
- April 4, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Being able to maintain control and manage my pain without having to beg my doctor has improved my quality of life by a factor of TEN, easily. Just google JCMRX if you can't find them. Buyer beware that shipping is a bit slow since they do have to mail you your orders from the other side of the world (India). Shipping from India to Omaha, Nebraska took 27 days!
- March 31, 2015
starstarstarstarstar I had to do a bit of research and decipher encoded chat logs to find JCM. I think someone referred to them as Jay See..etc so the mods would not delete it. Anyway, I used coinbase to pay them and within a day they began communicating with me. They pretty much told me how long it would take (like 30 days) what would happen and when. They followed up with tracking number and when I emailed them they responded right away. Of course I tried not to bother them because I knew it would take a long time to reach me. Overall I am very pleased. I did get Tramadol and it is of Generic. Came in an envelope as registered mail openly and clearly labeled with contents Tramadol and quantity. Nothing was hidden which scared me knowing the post office and customs knew what I was getting. I thought it would be discreet but this is a customs requirement. Pills were in blister packs of 10 labeled Tramadol on the blister pack but no labeling at all on the actual pills. They are larger and rounder than the name brand Tramadol. I am still not sure the generics will work for me. I experienced headaches and Asthma which may or may not be related so I have stopped them for a few days. I will try to find a local pill mill and take and get the name brand ones if this is the case. Tramadol has really helped me.
- March 7, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Currently the GO TO source for Tramadol online. Great prices and friendly service.
- November 21, 2014
starstarstarstarstar About JCMRX: Used my Coinbase account as a wallet to order from this shop. Delivered as advertised, actually I don't think they advertise. One of the best internet pharmacies around in my opinion. Personal and friendly service.
- November 17, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Great customer service, probably the best I've ever had on online. Meds we're not the same quality as US brand meds though. Takes about 2 weeks to receive order.
- November 1, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Couldn't be happier. Exactly what I was looking for as healthcare costs in the US are spiralling out of control. They don't carry everything I need but they do have the basics like my sleep aids, some pain killers, and antibiotics. A little alpraz. now and then helps also. They have many sites, I use
- September 23, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Excellent people and flawless service. Patient with my questions/concerns and bonus pills rule!
- July 14, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Probably the best "little" online pharmacy out there. Good pills and service. Please be aware that they operate like a small mom and pop shop though so if you prefer a fancy website andshopping cart, this may not be for you. i like them because the have some of the best prices on antibiotics and ED meds around. No script needed is a big plus.
- December 14, 2013
starstarstarstarstar A valuable supplier to have now that the healthcare system in America is all effed up. Lifesavers in fact. By the way their website is now
- October 22, 2013
starstarstarstarstar The above link is outdated. They have dozens of other sites through. Try They also accept Moneypak if BTC isn't your thing. After Bitinstant went down, I found that method easier.
- September 15, 2013
starstarstarstarstar Bitcoins accepted as advertised. Order arrived via air mail from India to the US (Ohio) 12 days later. Plain looking site, but courteous service and quality medication.

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