Australian based Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum exchange, trading in AUD, USD and NZD


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- February 23, 2020
Why do we really fall for scammers? sweet words is the major key they use to buy out our mind and after all we will realize that we have been defrauded, my good friends I want to use this opportunity to introduce Mrs Van Yoelle, she is a woman of her words and with her,my trust is now found, I'm using this opportunity to tell everyone that Mrs Van Yoelle is 100% genuine and legit You can reach her via Whatsapp: +1 518 622 1571

- February 13, 2020
Supposed to take two days for ID verification. Two weeks today, and still waiting. Is this how they handle all their business?

- February 12, 2020
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- February 12, 2020
Have been an OTC client with them for years. IMHO their OTC desk is hands down the best in Aus. Exchange is good otherwise with strong liquidity, trading UI could use a bit of an update though

- February 8, 2020
Fiat withdrawals take far too long. When first done it says pending, and they are in no rush to process.

- January 25, 2020
Easily the best Aussie exchange. Been using them for years without any issues.

- January 18, 2020
If you lost your coins due to a scam like this better use a professional recovery service like recovermycoins▪com not some random dude over the internet. I got my bitcoins back with this service.

- January 16, 2020
Really helpful customer support team :) I changed my 2FA after switching phones and tried to withdraw the same day and my funds were frozen for security reasons, they thought it was suspicious activity. Reached out to support & confirmed my identity and had it all resolved within an hour really helpful will continue using their exchange :D

- January 14, 2020
I am using Coinbase since 2016 and I never really had any problems with them. Their website is intuitive and easy to use...

- December 22, 2019
John says- I have learned that without risk taking, life can’t open up opportunities. I took a calculated risk by testing out over 15,000 GBP just so I can participate in the cryptocurreency world. I have read so much about it and I had even tried trading myself on Binance Exchange but I was not making good moves. Eventually, I stumbled on BTCINVESTLIFESTYLE. c.o.m during my routine internet surf for trading facilities. They gave me a lowdown of things and I started my journey with them. It has been several months now and I am happy I took the risk. This has really added to my life.

- December 19, 2019
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- December 19, 2019
Good exchange and support team. Liquidity is good for au based crypto exchange too can easily fill bids/sells

- December 16, 2019
AutoTrader has made it so easy for me to just buy $100 of BTC every week. Their fees are really low as well, I tried Amber app but it was way too expensive

- December 15, 2019
Been using for 3 years, great exchange and low fees. Also very helpful customer support team :D

- December 8, 2019
Great exchange and customer support, I use them for OTC purchases and to buy Bitcoin with my SMSF. Easily the most secure in AU and they dont list shitcoins!

- November 11, 2019
It has been hard losing a lot of money to Binary Options and Cryptocurrency Trading, my money has now been recovered thanks to a Recovery Boss. You can reach me to share my experience. Email; Maggiealder12___gmaiI___com

- May 8, 2019
Best Australian exchange by far. Great support, good selection of coins and always reliable and professional. The KPMG tax calculator is a very unique offering and AFAIK this is the only Aussie exchange to be insured in case of hacks. 5 stars.

- November 28, 2018
Don't complain about market sell orders. Just use limit. These guys do what they say they do and I have never had a problem.

- September 19, 2018
(previous review September 6, 2018). Yes, regarding the disappearing sell orders (when you place a limit buy order to fill them), I have seen this also. The sell order reappears 30 seconds later with the same amount but $10 higher, assumedly in an attempt to entice you to chase it. Meanwhile their security seems ok & the deposits/withdrawals are prompt. It all works as advertised but the bot shenanigans are poor form. From what I've read they're not the only ones... Check the competition new and old, there have been changes, hopefully they're looking longer range and will shake it up. Time will tell.

- September 6, 2018
They seem secure/easy enough to use, albeit extremely thin books with no liquidity. The problem is their matching system and/or order books are completely off, or outright fraudulent. And for anyone that doesn't believe me, just login and try for yourself. I'll screen record next time I'm logged-in and post to YouTube. Lets say the order books on the BUY side are as follows: Price Volume 8,039 0.05btc 8,038 2.5btc 8,002 0.7btc 8,001 0.5btc 8,000 1.3btc Lets say I want to sell 2 bitcoins and I'm happy with the 8,038 price in the books. Naturally you'd place a market sell order which would fill against the 8,039 and 8,038 orders. In reality what happens is, the instant you post your market order, those higher buy orders disappear off the books and you're order will go through against the lower orders around 8k. Incidentally, the higher orders never leave the books. It's as if they didn't exist or are ghost orders that can't actually be traded against. Ok, so what if under the same scenario, you place a sell limit order at 8,038 for 2btc (instead of a market order). In theory, you should take out the first order (0.05btc at 8,039) and a bit of the second order on the books. In reality, these first two buy orders will disappear from the books instantly and new orders will appear lower leaving your sell limit order sitting idle on the books. Like I said, no need to believe me, try it for yourself. I've run a number of tests and will be posting multiple screen recordings of this to YouTube and social media channels within the next few weeks.

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