CEX.IO is the first and leading commodity exchange in the Bitcoin community. Here you can trade GHS, while they mine you Bitcoins.


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- March 2, 2017
starstarstarstarstar I'm glad I read these reviews and stopped fighting with there terrible support. I was trying to get my card verified and they kept denying it because they want to see a passport. I spent days telling then I don't have a passport but they would not listen. What is more is the instructions they send are all for a driver's license, not a passport. Do not waste your time with them.
- February 28, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Why can't I get my bitcoins out?!?!? I think it's a scam!!!
- February 28, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Scam. Can't withdraw my bitcoins. And yes - I'm doing it right.
- February 27, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Scam company full of hidden fees. If you try to get $500 to BTC they will take $40 for the card fee and 7% when you buy the BTC. Only in the unregulated bag of dung that is the US can they get away with that.
- February 12, 2017
starstarstarstarstar used to be good
- February 12, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Won't allow you withdraw your currency once you sell.
- February 3, 2017
starstarstarstarstar I have a great experience with them, very fast and just too instant. All u need is follow instructions.
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- February 3, 2017
starstarstarstarstar arrogance, hidden policies.
they simply trap your funds then ignore your escalations.
in short, your bitcoins are not safe

- January 26, 2017
starstarstarstarstar They take BIG commissions for FIAT deposit.
Say No More.

Tip: 1KFikgjHVxorgYJ9hPz2UnScxgfofpBRiU
- January 24, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Support is terrible, can't even enable 2FA. Website is filled with bugs and errors at ever turn.
- January 22, 2017
starstarstarstarstar terrible service, dont waste your money
- January 16, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Unable to withdrawer my bitcoins without changing my email provider and giving them previously submitted details. Cant see why it is a problem with my email provider when it has been OK in the past.
Details requested :-
Old email
New email
Alternative email
CEX.IO BTC wallet address
Account BTC balance (As accurate as possible)
GHS balance on the account (As accurate as possible)
Account creation date
Latest trading transactions
Geographic location / IP address
A photo of a government-issued identification. Examples include a Driver's License, Passport or National ID Card.
A photo of you holding a government-issued identification.
We would like to inform you that we can change your email to a new one only, swapping your primary email to alternative one or the one already registered with us is not possible.
As soon as we receive all the necessary information, we will check your account in order to conduct a thorough investigation of ownership and process your request.
As soon as the procedure is completed, your email will be changed.
Why can't I give zero rating

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- January 11, 2017
starstarstarstarstar SCAM!!
They Steal your bitcoins!
Not genuine trading going on there, only manipulation!
use Bitfinex or other more well known exchange instead.

- January 1, 2017
starstarstarstarstar The buying process is not comfortable. I wanted to buy with credit card and the only place where I got them easily is:

- December 29, 2016
starstarstarstarstar I think some user think CEXIO is scam, because they cannot receive the payment.

Please read this the payment policy in here:

You will see there are some countries with withdrawal restriction!

I already did deposit and withdrawal a lots already. Check this photo to see my transaction on 29-12-2016 here

Join CEXIO here!

- December 25, 2016
starstarstarstarstar It seems to be scam. Never trust them.
- December 23, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Just opened an account 3 weeks ago, verification went smoothly after following their instructions, not as difficult as some people proclaim. Website is state of the art, and everything seems secure and intuitive, the mobile app is good and easy to use for buying and selling BTC.

Here i collect some information about CEXIO for some people who are interested with BTC trading and want a good trading service.

CEXIO is London-based bitcoin echange, it has reached $80 million in card transaction for deposits and withdrawals and 800,000 accounts sinces its establishment in 2013. With the United States, Europe, and South America being its main market.

You can connect your Visa or Master Card to buy or sell BTC and ETH, the deposit and withdrawals are processed instantly, at very low cost, starting from $3.80 only.

I just withdraw BTC to my blockchain wallet today, and it took about 1 minutes for the transaction. and withdrawing to my visa also took 1 minutes too. It is fast service for deposit and withdrawals.

This is the real review based on my experience in CEXIO
join CEXIO

- December 9, 2016
starstarstarstarstar This company is very professional and their trading interface is easy to use. I didn't mind uploading my driver's license, bank statements, a selfie holding credit card, and scans of my left and right finger prints. Their how-to-guide made it a breeze collecting and submitting my urine sample. I feel safe knowing that CEX cares about me this much and is there to protect me.
Tip: 1Lgp8a2R6MCTD2YisfKYJNprX3iLa3T2z4
- October 28, 2016
starstarstarstarstar This is not reliable
- October 28, 2016
starstarstarstarstar I dont use 2fa but it question. I dont access my acc. It is not safe.

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