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Welcome to Australia's first established Bitcoin trading marketplace. We offer a secure and reliable trading platform for professional investors, businesses and anyone interested in buying or selling Bitcoins.


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- October 26, 2019
My account hacked. Not even an email to say possible breach like I normally do if using a different device/up address. Not impressed

- June 29, 2019
Fee System is completely skewed and favours first in. Fees are incredibly high for an "exchange" and they will charge massive withdraw fees.

- June 9, 2019
Used to be good 2 years ago up to the last few months now be very careful with your crypto? They are now running computers which manipulate the buy/sell process. Watch it for yourself before you buy/sell absolutely any person with common sense can see they are manipulating the market on there own website.

- May 13, 2019
Support isn't that great. I never get an explanation to their IT issues, they just close the ticket and say it's resolved when their blockchain isn't making deposits and withdrawals in a timely manner. I would look elsewhere, there are a few nice exchanges planned in the future so I will be doing the change over.

- March 13, 2019
I just want a refund of my money. I don't want to trade with BTC anymore. After several mails I am still not getting any help from them. PLEASE DON'T INVEST YOUR MONEY WITH BTC!!

- December 25, 2018
Btc Markets is user friendly and a no frills exchange. My main issue is the inaccuracy of the daily % change across the coins. For example, i traded a coin as it was on +0.5% daily change at 53cents. I shorted it and 10 hours later, the coin was at 53.5 cents however the daily change was -18% for the same coin. I would not have traded if it was -18% the first time. There is serious inaccuracy with the statistics.

- October 30, 2018
Trading with them since August 2017. Initially it was all trading and buying from this exchange but recently withdrawn decent stack of money and never had any issues. All withdrawals are processed by 6 PM and funds are available by night. Happy with their support as well.

- August 18, 2018
I have been using BTC Markets for several months now. About a week and a half ago after I had bought some Bitcoin, they stopped withdrawals. It took several days to get my BTC out. I figured that was a once off and I kept using them. Now today the same thing happened again. This time my withdrawal was accepted and it just disappeared. Nothing has been sent and there is no record of the withdrawal. The only thing is that the funds are still showing as a balance in the account. Support has not answered either of my 2 emails regarding this. I have heard there is a new exchange opening in Australia this month, Nauticus They are supposed to have over 100 coins and 7 fiat currencies available to trade. Unfortunately for me, they don’t appear to be open yet.

Tip: 3M5NHLy8F5mHDVFWbepK5tyHjDYsui9aeX

- August 15, 2018
ok for small amount trades, they have a 2000 dollar a day bpay deposit limit, you can try to up the daily limit hahahaha but you will not hear from them, and it won't happen, ya but feel free hahaha. I suppose this is good in a way as after reading reviews don't trust making large deposits. unfortunately there is not a lot of competition in oz and thy seem the best out of a bad lot.

- August 12, 2018
My point of view, the poor, especially those who can not work, need money. Not food and not things. We have access to food and clothing. We can easily get clothes, upholstery, whatever in good faith stores or Salvation Army. Food does not buy toilet paper, soap and shampoo. Food does not help in rent to prevent us from becoming homeless. When they become homeless, it becomes difficult to return to living independently. Our nation must invest in keeping the poor and helping them BTC: 135zbU41FDPsErWFnZJisqyhKKvPygTieu ETH: 0x17ec5174d21e77ee9337543812b95cb20e980713

Tip: 135zbU41FDPsErWFnZJisqyhKKvPygTieu

- August 9, 2018
BTC market is down for withdraws and deposits. Poor communication and no clue about what is going on. They claim to be under maintenance, but It's going over 24hrs now. Their tweeter account sucks, the only thing they say is: get in touch with support team....

- July 24, 2018
I've used BTC markets for nearly 12 months and could not fault them. They are always quick to respond to messages. I recently had access issues (totally my fault - could no longer access original email address). The communication and support in getting it fixed has been wonderful. Happy customer and would highly recommend.

- July 24, 2018
I tried to log on using my normal password - so I changed my password. Didn't work so I tried another time but still cant log on - I think they are a scam - no phone number or no contact details on their webpage - I recommend that they be reported to ASIC

- June 20, 2018
I sent .1ether to mew on Btc markets website on the 17th June and it has not turned up yet. I have checked the mew public address 50 times and it is correct, i am starting to get very worried now. Has this happened to anyone else?

- June 20, 2018
Please read this if you don't want to lose your money. Btc markets is a scam. I had over $5k stolen from my account in the middle of May. It has been a tough month. Anyone that has been scammed like this will know the feeling, your driving down the road going through your daily life in a kind of a haze, shaking your head every 10 minutes....i have been doing this for over a month now. I am just starting to breath properly again, telling myself its a nice beautiful day, you have your health etc etc. I still have a bit (coin-bad joke) to go, but trying to get over the violated feeling. Anyway the bullshit I had to listen to from btc markets after I got hacked still makes me angry because I have read all the 1 star reviews now, I have also spoken to other people who have also lost their money in various ways from btc markets and either had no customer service or they also get led down some bullshit path.....I feel much better because I now don't think I was hacked like I was led to believe. Someone on the inside did this, read the reviews, the new scam is that the btc markets bpay details have been changed and guess what. Peoples money goes into limbo, and guess what: -no phone number works when you try to call btc markets does it, -btc markets address....there is no btc markets at that address and the lovely people at the Melbourne address have had other people looking for btc markets haven't they, but they don't know how to locate them do they. I have been in business for 30 years and in all that time I have never heard of bpay details changing with out a huge ATTENTION message above the bpay details. Ok the bpay details on btc markets changes, I can tell you for a fact that no one got an email stating this did you, i certainly didn't, and if you do change your account details then you KEEP YOUR OLD ACCOUNT IN CASE SOME SUCKER PUTS THEIR MONEY INTO THAT ACCOUNT BY MISTAKKKKKKKE DON'T YOU!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! Australians help fellow Australians, you help your fellow man. Australians that scam people can't sleep at night......or can you. Also someone with a 5 star rating will probably say something like....btc markets is the best in the world, they are so fast and competitive. Although I wish they had a few more coins on offer, I would like to see that in the future but on the whole they are pretty good. I can't believe there are 1 star ratings on here. I was reading Peter D review, he sounds like a newb to me, sounds like he doesn't know what he is doing. All I have ever had is good service and I have been using btc markets for 6 months now. Please donate some lightcoin to this addressjkdfpupoiupoidfpoiaudspoifyyfdpoiasyufd Good luck everyone....always set up two factor security....please move your money elsewhere.....

- June 20, 2018
BTC changed my bpay funds deposit details without informing me & my deposit of $7500 is stuck for almost a month. They are blaming the bank now for the delay in refund. Btc doesnt even have any helpline number we can call in emergency or such situation. Very very frustrating...

- June 19, 2018
5 stars - I've had all positive experiences @ btcmarkets. Always polite, always respond, always been able to deposit and withdraw funds. Always able to send and receive cryptos with no problems. Highly recommend!

Tip: 39yaSsDbxj48qehk7fxW2LqkidUQ7tK2XN

- June 12, 2018
Made 10k + of trades on btc so far over the last month. No problems so far. Easy to use site. 5 stars from me

- June 3, 2018
I deposited funds using bpay and on the third deposit they disappeared. I later found that they changed their bpay account numbets without telling anyone. I contacted them and they assured me the transaction would bounce back to my account. 1 month later and I'm still trying to trace the missing funds and my bank are charging me a fee to do so without any promise of a successful outcome. Very poor follow up from them. If I ever do get the money back I will not be using them again.

- June 1, 2018
BTC Markets are not responding to email enquiries regarding a withdrawal of LTC I made to my wallet which was authorised but is still 'processing' within their system the following day. Absolutely no response to enquiries.

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