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- April 10, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Now is the best time to invest in Bitcoin.
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- March 12, 2017
starstarstarstarstar Buy some bitcoins today, no ID or verification required! Use credit cards to deposit BTC and transfer to your wallet instantly!
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- December 29, 2016
starstarstarstarstar lol whats going on in these comments with the spam links ads
- March 13, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Heard some complains about theft. Wouldn't hold much there
- February 14, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Somene that works for this paxful site then went into Diva's account and stole my money/bitcoins! If u dont want this to happen to u go elsewhere to create a wallet account. And not only that i bought bitcoins off paxful too only received 5$ in bitcoins for 25$!! Such a rip off theres plenty other free we can go to where we wont get CHARGED all these extra FEES!! 3RED FLAGS!
- January 30, 2016
starstarstarstarstar Quality service.
- December 24, 2015
starstarstarstarstar Used Altquick for my first ever cash deposit for litecoin purchase. Went flawless and received email confirmations every step of the process. Coin was deposited in less than 3 hours. Service fast, easy, efficient. Nothing but positive experience. Top highest paying free faucets here
Tip: LbjzqCD8CCAcaD9eTo6gBCyp8qumbTBSLs
- July 6, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Used Altquick for my first ever DOGECOIN purchase. i was new to BTC and DOGE. I couldn't find any reviews. My transaction went so smooth. I am located in California, USA. I had a problem the next time I wanted to buy but it was with the seller. The seller had incomplete or incorrect acct info. The bank couldn't find the account so no money was deposited. I contacted AltQuick and they delisted the seller. Highly recommend or would use again! 😎
Tip: 1FVQc5TB38F3xJYF21ay9Ms7PdA4zXZuSJ
- March 5, 2014
starstarstarstarstar It takes a bit for doge to be sold, it's like bids on ebay. The staff have been nothing but informative and helpful. Would sell again from them in a heartbeat.
- March 4, 2014
starstarstarstarstar very nice website
Tip: 1FG5gHys5UL1ieXBvBu3zcheLs9XN9ywST
- February 19, 2014
starstarstarstarstar It only took 35 min for doge to show up in my wallet from time of deposit. Amazing!
- February 16, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Used altquick today. It worked exactly the way they outlined. Within 2 hours the coins are in my wallet. I am very happy with the reliability, speed of transaction and the pricing. Will definitely use their service again.
- February 16, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Very pleased too have used this site to buy my first Dogecoins! The transaction was completed in less than 15minutes with no hassle. Thank you guys for doing me a great service and will be buying from you multiple times in the future. TO THE MOON.
- February 15, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Used this service; fast, easy, efficient. Nothing but positive experience.
- February 13, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Hi im very confused, I looked online for like 3 hrs now and cant find the solution. I've yet to make my first purchase but what question i have is where do the coins go after the deposit has been made into the sellers acc? I'm curious as to where my coins go? I didnt have to make a acc or anything on altquick so wheres the coins go?
- February 12, 2014
starstarstarstarstar I have had nothing but great experiences in my 5 times dealing with this company. Usually my coins are sent within a half an hour after I send the deposit receipt. One time it took a few hours but they were just backed up. I highly recommend buying from them for their quick and convenient service. I have also sold using them and it was also a breeze. Their support staff has always been ready to answer any questions I might have as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Tip: 1BScHqhNgZ7qcQnVncKsLhaW9XvedHgCJV
- February 11, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Great transaction. According to the site they keep the sellers' alt coins in escrow pending confirmation of buyer cash transfer, so you don't have to worry about sending cash and not receiving coin. Placed buy order for DOGE at 2:19 p.m. on 2/11/14. Got a hold e-mail from AltQuick requiring me to send them proof of cash transfer (deposit slip) within three hours in order to confirm the hold (or the hold is released). Seemed a bit tight to me but I figured if they could turn the transaction around quickly, then that's great. Cash transfer to seller at 2:36 p.m. Sent confirmation to AltQuick at 2:42 p.m. AltQuick closed the transaction and transferred my DOGE to me at 4:20 p.m. Pretty quick by my book.

My only snag was I did a direct account-to-account transfer rather than a direct cash transfer. AltQuick requires direct cash only, and account-to-account transfers are prohibited. They gave me one free pass but warned me not to do it again. A bit of a pain to have to withdraw cash only to immediately write a cash transfer slip, but given the quality of the transaction, I'd do it.

Tip: 1HFsw8BRujLqLQQPYxhX6n78uUMimf8sUt
- February 11, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Definitely fast. Just a little confusing with directions. Make sure you deposit CASH, even if you have to make a separate withdrawal from your own bank account first.
- February 7, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Fast turn around. Faster transaction than time spent at bank LOL. Will definitely recommend. 15k purchase Thanks. I'm new to all this COIN stuff. Very exciting times.
Tip: D8QjetgabCSnSNvhmoDq7ELVkYwXUsPk7Y
- February 6, 2014
starstarstarstarstar Very fast. Purchased my doge coins today instead of waiting "x" amount of business days like other sites. See yall at the moon
Tip: DCg1vwKgmxuQZBgP2x1JRbqrSspg2Q2ptL

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